A Cut Above the others: Blue Nile™ features an internet collection of incredible Engagement Rings & precious jewelry

The brief variation: Picking out an engagement ring is actually a weighty job, however some cutting-edge methods can consumers set things right initially. Blue Nile, worldwide’s largest internet based store of diamond jewelry, has assisted in more than 500,000 matrimony proposals since 1999. Their diamond collection and academic content material focus on first-time customers trying to impress their significant others with sparkly bits of jewellery. Blue Nile guarantees quality workmanship in their slocal hook upply of over 150,000 expensive diamonds also gems. You can construct your own ring using their entertaining resources to determine the slice, shade, clarity, concept, environment, and rate you desire. The next time you’re contemplating proposing or giving a romantic present to someone special, you can search Blue Nile for impressive jewelry at an affordable price.


In 1998, Mark Vadon ended up being on an objective to discover the great engagement ring for his girl — truly the only issue had been the guy don’t know anything about expensive diamonds. He moved into a jewelry store and soon discovered themselves feeling skeptical about the employees members as well as their blasé guidance. The guy revealed two rings that appeared identical to him and requested precisely why there seemed to be a $5,000 rate distinction between all of them.

The sales clerk smiled and said what mattered significantly more than the price had been the way the band made him feel. To Mark’s logical head, this is ludicrous. He stepped out from the store empty-handed and exasperated, but he was in addition determined to learn more about involvement bands so he could comprehend just what he had been buying.

Mark, a Stanford-educated numbers cruncher, approached their ring-buying choice while he would a research job and moved on the web receive all details. The guy come upon a niche site called Web Diamonds, a retailer that offered educational explanations and led lessons about diamonds to supplement their unique jewellery collection.

Owing to this reference, Mark believed confident when buying a highly skilled band online — for thousands of dollars less than the rings he previously observed within shop.

He was very taken from this consumer-friendly knowledge which he got touching the site’s owner, Doug Williams, to talk about buying the business. They drew right up terms on a napkin over meal. By spring of 1999, Mark had elevated over $6 million, sufficient to take control online Diamonds, that he renamed Blue Nile. Nowadays, the internet site will be the biggest on the web store of certified diamonds and superb, nonetheless still prioritize buyer training most of all.

“Education will be the backbone your organization,” stated Josh Holland, Director of Brand feel. “we now have a customers-first mentality.”

If you prefer it and would like to put a ring onto it, you can rely on Blue Nile to help make the process much simpler by providing obvious details, expert advice, and several thousand independently-graded diamonds. Website’s sufficient resources stroll clients through the important features of a diamond and supply easy-to-use methods to narrow down your quest for a wonderful bit of jewellery.

“We try to guide individuals make the optimal acquisition you heard that right on their behalf,” Josh told us. “We assist clients find the appropriate combination of attributes to optimize their particular budget and obtain  a beautiful diamond.”

Over 150,000 expensive diamonds personalized to Your resources & Taste

Any amazing offer begins with the diamond. You cannot get down on one leg with any outdated ring in the hand. With a listing greater than 150,000 expensive diamonds, Blue Nile provides clients no end of engaging selections. Based on Josh, about 70percent of Blue Nile’s income originates from engagement bands.

The internet site allows couples to generate unique rings from selecting the diamond to choosing the setting. Very first, you will make use of simple slider tools to pick the best shape, cost, carat, slice, tone, and clarity of the diamond. After that, you’ll pick a setting, sorting by shade, rate, style, or fashion designer, to counterbalance the diamond. On Blue Nile, it will take a matter of minutes to put together an original design.

Whether you are enamored by the sheen of platnium or attracted to platinum’s durability, Blue Nile makes it possible to narrow down thousands of choices into one customized band.

Obtaining involved is actually a once-in-a-lifetime sorts of occasion, so people purchasing wedding bands tend to be novices, unsure of the things theyare looking for and brand new to ring purchasing. Blue Nile’s team has the knowledge to teach first-timers how to find the diamond ring that fits perfect.

Accessible, clear, and helpful, this precious jewelry merchant does not stress clients into purchasing such a thing outside their unique means. Because Blue Nile functions as an internet shop, they’ve got significantly less cost might supply top quality diamonds at a portion of the fee you had get in a traditional jewelry shop.

In addition to an independently-graded GIA report, loads of product photos show on-line buyers exactly what their own precious jewelry will look like out of each and every possible position. Plus, the website supplies a 360-degree movie view of any diamond through the Diamond Visualization Tool. Using higher level technologies, Blue Nile magnifies the diamond and rotates the picture so clients can see every information.

“You get an alternative sense of exactly what the diamond appears like, additionally the graphic is stunning,” Josh told you. “since it is thus magnified is in reality better yet than holding it within hand.”

Skilled Jewelers coach you on wise Ring-Buying Practices

The Education section on Blue Nile’s web site motivates one to come to be specialized in diamonds. Their own detailed jewellery courses cover many techniques from discovering the (or your lover’s) ring size to picking out the diamond qualities most critical for you. You can learn about metals, gemstones, pearls, wedding rings, and various other jewellery and.

“also a bit bit of analysis can go a long way,” Josh mentioned. By comprehending why is a diamond almost costly, consumers can focus on what they need within jewellery and save cash through better shopping.

“My fiancé and I also did plenty of research, and it all paid off whenever we saw the band. Blue Nile is really great!” — Manjari, a satisfied customer from Irving, Colorado

Blue Nile supplies comprehensive resources so first-timers could make well informed choices regarding their diamond’s carat, clearness, tone, and other aspects. The expert team does not work properly on payment and really tries to help with free buying tips. In regards to diamond carat fat, as an instance, their particular experts suggest “to increase your budget, consider buying a diamond definitely slightly below your own ideal carat body weight.”

Downline whatsoever amounts of the business usually just take an individual desire for customers. “Certainly my favorite tales,” Josh told united states, “is the jewelers record title associated with the client in the ring they truly are implementing so it’s not simply a ring in their eyes.”

Every Policy & Guarantee Puts the client’s Needs First

Oftentimes, buying a diamond suggests producing a lifelong dedication, so it is important to select a dependable store to guarantee the proper match. Blue Nile promises satisfaction through lots of customer-first policies. For example, the firm can make a 30-day money back assurance on comes back regarding their particular precious jewelry.

“Quality and quality is key to you,” Josh said. “We ensure that the ring is precisely perfect earlier goes out the entranceway, and in addition we support that really work with a no-questions-asked return plan.”

Blue Nile supplies complimentary resizings and cleanings throughout first 12 months after buying a customized engagement ring. Plus, customers enjoy a lifetime diamond update plan whenever they previously need to change their unique diamond with a newer, higher priced diamond.

If you wish to really see Blue Nile’s jewelry on your own, you will find a webroom place in your area. In shops across the nation, buyers can consult with knowledgeable jewelers and in actual fact handle Blue Nile’s jewelry. The webroom’s jewelry is for screen only, but you can utilize their particular apple ipad to place your order, if you love. Blue Nile’s physical places tend to be a no-pressure ecosystem in which browsers are this is look at and feel their particular precious jewelry.

“there is almost no risk,” Josh described. “We know the intrinsic property value just what all of our precious jewelry can mean to somebody, and that’s a responsibility we just take very severely.”

Unlike most precious jewelry vendors, Blue Nile promotes comparison purchasing. In fact, they suggest being able to access their internet site on your own smart phone while in a jewelry store in order to do a side-by-side evaluation of prices in real time. This empowers you to get the best price in-store an internet-based.

Based on Blue Nile’s cost complement Guarantee, “if you will find an equivalent GIA-graded diamond at less cost,” they’re going to complement the purchase price. Just call 1-888-565-7641 which will make the state for free. With uncompromising design and unbeatable prices, Blue Nile assures pleasure on every sale.

Blue Nile: assisting you Get a hold of your own Diamond inside the Rough

We’ve all heard diamonds tend to be a female’s closest friend, but, regarding you fellas online, diamonds could be your friend, also, by taking enough time to appreciate the thing that makes all of them sparkle. Blue Nile Founder Mark Vadon realized directly how scary it can be to choose an engagement ring. Therefore, the guy demonstrated a less complicated method to inform individual about diamond rates, nowadays you can aquire your selected ring online for a fraction of the price.

Enabled to last, Blue Nile provides affordable and strikingly stunning expensive diamonds in many different hues, incisions, and styles. From unique engagement rings to stylish Valentine’s Day pendants, their unique extensive assortment of jewellery includes importance towards special moments.

Blue Nile backs the caliber of their own diamonds with customer-first policies and advanced level custom resources. Should you want to reveal the individual you like how much cash the individual methods to you, buying a diamond, pearl, or gem stone can easily do just fine. Making use of Blue Nile’s buying ideas, interested couples can figure out how to save money on their wedding or marriage rings so they have significantly more to invest from the honeymoon!

“you can acquire an engagement ring in a very modern-day method through Blue Nile. It’s not necessary to exercise the outdated means any longer,” Josh said. “We want to show individuals to buy like specialists, making use of our very own tips to obtain the purchase price they demand without compromising high quality.”

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