Vestiture composed of five vertical setae toward disc, two on each interstriae 3

Vestiture composed of five vertical setae toward disc, two on each interstriae 3

05-step one.08 (1.06) moments longer than wider, largest within legs, corners converging quite so you’re able to prior next, alternatively narrowly round in front; rough, subcontiguous, transverse asperities on the prior half, first row creating an unbroken costa close to anterior margin; surface subreticulate, subshining, which have sparingly coarse, deep punctures with the posterior half of just, spread by the diameter of a puncture; vestiture composed of six erect, enough time setae, five collectively prior margin and one within the for each basal area.

Elytra step 1.48-step 1.51 (step one.50) times more than wide, step one.46-step 1.47 (1.46) longer than pronotum; edges parallel into basal about three-fourths, generally circular at the rear of; striae perhaps not pleased, punctures alternatively deep, spread by diameter from an effective puncture; interstriae almost doubly broad since striae, glowing, punctures a couple-3rd the size of strial punctures, uniseriate; interstriae 10 excessively elevated so you’re able to sternum six; declivity high, convex, strial and you can interstrial punctures a little smaller compared to on disc, striae 1 weakly impressed.

Scolytodes triangulus letter

Protibiae that have horizontal pearly whites 1 and you may 2 subequally measurements of, most other lateral white teeth far less. Metatibiae having five socketed lateral teeth into distal 3rd.

Diagnostic features: It is well-known from the closely related S. schwarzi (Hopkins) (select fig. 142 p. 496 during the Wood 1982) because of the big dimensions (step 1.8 mm vs step 1.3-1.six mm), from the asperities being confined to help you anterior 1 / 2 of, by the feminine frons getting punctured on content urban area. sp. (Figs eleven, twenty five, 27) Holotype ladies: COSTA RICA, Heredia state: Los angeles Selva biol. sta., Puerto Viejo, 50 yards, 5 March 1993 (H. A great. Hespenheide), FOT 5/sixteen Carapa guianensis [INBio]. Allotype: exact same studies since the holotype, FOT . Paratype: Costa Rica, Puntarenas: Osa Peninsula, 2.5 mi. SW Rincon, eight February 1988 (H. Hespenheide), air sweep, step 1 _ [INBio].

Etymology: off Latin tri, about three, and you can angulus, which have a large part, writing on new triangular-shaped tuft out-of setae about girls frons.

Frons some pleased out of a lot more than higher quantity of sight to help you epistoma, lateral margins regarding impressed city somewhat raised, subparallel, a little diverging into upper number of eyes; surface regarding amazed town densely punctured within median a couple-thirds, second setae arising from most punctures; vestiture including a good triangular tuft out-of a lot of time, golden, subplumose setae, broadly occurring within vertex, next gradually converging into the the tip within level of antennal insertion.

Antennal bar with a couple of strongly, acuminately procurved surgical stitches designated because of the rows out-of hairlike setae, critical portion setose. Funiculus six segmented.

02-1.04 (1.03) minutes more than large, widest from the base, sides weakly arcuate, converging a bit so you can prior next, after that generally circular in front; anterior third declivuous, asperities alternatively coarse, better asperities consistently basal third; body reticulate, incredibly dull, a number of low punctures present into posterior half except quick, shining granules found in median basal area; vestiture including five short, upright setae with each other anterior margin.

Elytra step 1.19-step 1.23 (step 1.21) moments longer than large, 1.21-step 1.23 (1.22) longer than pronotum; corners parallel to the less than basal several-thirds, alternatively narrowly round behind; striae 1 quite, someone else maybe not satisfied, punctures shallow, brief, spread because of the 50 % of a great diameter from an excellent puncture; interstriae 2-3 times greater than just striae, glowing, punctures unknown, two-3rd how big is strial punctures, separated from the almost double their diameter, mostly uniseriate; interstriae 10 exceptionally raised nearly in order to apex; declivity meagerly steep, convex, all of the punctures obscure. Vestiture consisting of simple spatulate bristles to the odd-designated interstriae, primarily to the declivity.

Protibiae that have an effective horizontal enamel 1 stretching beyond enamel 2, almost every other lateral white teeth obscurely indicated. Intercoxal means of prosternum 0.30-0.40 moments since broad because a beneficial procoxa. Metatibiae which have six socketed lateral teeth towards the distal 3rd.

Pronotum step one

Breakdown male: (n=1) exactly like females but frons convex, just somewhat, transversely happy only above epistoma; front vestiture comprising sparse, moment, hairlike setae alongside epistoma.

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